Review: The Taker by Alma Katsu

This book is about a love that transcends time. It centers around Lanny and her account of her life and love. Lanny meets Luke, a doctor who works the midnight shift at the hospital. Luke is entranced by Lanny almost instantly even though she is a suspect in the murder of her lover Jonathon . Lanny leads Luke the history of her love with Jonathon. He’s kind of what we would call a bad boy now. (He enjoys the ladies) Her and Jonathon have know each other since they were small children, but their love affair is one sided.  Which of course leads to heart ache. She soon meets Adair and he gives her a great gift, but it is at a great cost.  She endures treacherous things at Adairs hands, both physical and sexual. But somehow she is still what seems to be attracted to him.  Luke is drawn so deeply into Lannys story he gives up a lot to travel and help her escape. While Lanny and Jonathon end up together much later in time, her love for him isn’t enough to save him from his heart ache. While I enjoyed the first part of this, the second half seemed really rushed.  There are still so many secret to be uncovered about Adairs immortality which I thought was a pretty good twist to the story and what happens with Luke and Lanny. So with questions left unanswered, I will certainly have to read the The Reckoning to see where the story goes from here. This is a dark fantasy, with romance, heart break with a twist of magic. All in all it was a pretty go book.


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