Review: Intangible by J Meyers

This is a fast paced, enchanting and supernatural read. Sera and Luke are 17 year old twins. But not just any twins, they have an amazing secret. Luke has visions of the future and Sera can heal people. Luke has a vision of Sera’s death and desperately tried to find a way to stop it. Sera and Luke keep their secret from everyone, but it costs them a lot. They don’t have very many close friends, except Fey and Quinn. Soon Sera is drawn to a new stranger that has popped up. Mark. He isn’t exactly who she thinks he is, but all the same she falls for him. The chemistry between Marc and Sera is great, but she fights not let him get very close. Along the way she meets Jonas and he tells her that he is a vampire. She of course doesn’t believe him. But something about him fascinates her. Her and Luke soon figure out that not only is Jonas a vampire but people close to them have special abilities and their is more to their powers as well. There is a secret to their existence which is a great twist in the story.  They also learn that are more than vampires and their is a whole other world they never would have dreamed existing. The characters Sera and Luke, are both witty and sarcastic and constantly pick on each other. Definitely siblings. Intangible is a fast read because the story just draws you in. You can’t help but love Luke and Sera. Fey and Quinn are a great asset the the story as well, they certainly play their part. The ending leave a definite opening for more to come. I hope their is another book so the story continues. I want to see what happen with Marc and certainly Jonas. I would definitely recommend reading it.


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I've been married for nearly 13 years and have 3 beautiful children. I am an avid reader and run a book review site. Hope you enjoy the reviews.

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