Review: Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver

This is sequel to Delirium. It leave off right where it left off. Lena has made it to the Wilds.  But she is devastated at the loss of Alex. She is rescued by Raven and the group of people she lives with. Once she is stronger, she is sent to gather information on the DFA (Deliria-Free America). During a rally she is kidnapped along with Julian Fineman the son of the founder. They’ve escape and are trying to find safety. There is a lot of things happening and  Julian begins to realize the the “perfect” world he grew up in, isn’t so perfect. They slowly fall for each other. This book goes back forth between Now and Then. Which  I like because it shows how hard she fights and struggle to pull through not only the loss of Alex, but all that happens in the Wilds. She fights becoming stronger outside the walls of the Pures. Julian is a smart, cute, young man that isn’t sure of who he is or what he wants. I was really upset when Lena didn’t end up with Alex. I guess Julian will make a pretty good stand in. They both need each other. The ending is WOW. That is all I can say. Lauren Oliver keeps you interested from start to finish. It is a perfect sequel to Delirium, with heroism, heartache, a developing  forbidden romance. Can’t wait for the next installment, with Requiem coming out in 2013.


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I've been married for nearly 13 years and have 3 beautiful children. I am an avid reader and run a book review site. Hope you enjoy the reviews.

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  1. I just read this book and loved it! And the ending was a killer. I can’t wait for Requiem!

  2. February seems so far away. It’s a great series..

  3. I loved the Now and Then chapters! I was afraid of them at first, but I ended up really enjoying them! A big WOW ending!

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