Review: Wicked; Witch and Curse by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie

This book definitely has a lot going on from the start. I took my time reading this so I didn’t miss anything. To begin with Holly has suffered a tremendous loss and is now living with family in Seattle. She has been thrown into a world of witches and warlocks. There is so many strange things going on and she is sooo ready to go home. But then she meets Jer and everything changes and she is attracted to him and can not explain why. The drawl is none the less. There is alot of history between them as they soon begin to figure out.  They have to change the course of history and the curse that was put on them by their ancestors. Isabeau is Holly ancestor and Jean is Jer’s ancestor and they basically posses the. There is a lot of wiccan and walock rituals and traditions described in detail. Sometimes it was hard to follow. It was an interesting read and if you like to read about and the traditions of witches and warlocks  this is a great book to read. I will continue the series and see what happens with Holly and Jer and all the rest of the covens.


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